Blogger Edit Layout tab broken: You heard it first here!

by Maskil on 14 Aug 2008

It’s not often that this becomes a breaking news site, but it happened today! Just kidding, but I haven’t seen this documented anywhere else.

Google has just put live its Google Gadgets (for Blogger) enhancement, and in the process appears to have broken the Edit Layout tab (Layout/Page Elements/Add and Arrange Page Elements) for certain browsers. Here’s the summary for the browsers I use:

Browser Blogger Blogger in Draft
Firefox 3.0 Broken Broken
Flock 1.2.4 OK OK
IE7 Broken OK

Basically, if there are more than about 6 gadgets in the sidebar, the additional gadgets are not displayed and there is no scroll bar to navigate to them.

This is not the first time this functionality has been broken by some poorly executed change. This must raise a few questions about quality control there at Blogger HQ. What browser are these guys using, BTW? Have they all standardized on something like Opera for testing?

I posted a bug report on the Blogger Help Group earlier this morning:

Edit Layout broken when using Firefox – Something Is Broken | Google Groups

p.s. I’ve been messing around with the Edit Layout stuff lately, and it was working fine a day or two ago.

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