Eskom needs a Waste-Line

by Maskil on 14 Aug 2008

Since the Eskom electricity supply emergency “came to light” in January of this year, I’ve been trying to convince the “powers” that be – apparently without much success – that Eskom needs to establish a contact centre to deal with instances of obvious waste or conspicuous consumption of electricity. Here’s what I’ve been saying in my copy ‘n paste campaign:

Some thoughts on how we can manage some of the waste when it comes to electricity consumption:

We may as well accept that the blame for the Eskom crisis will be shifted from where it belongs (Eskom and the ANC government) to the long-suffering SA consumer, who is being blamed for not conserving energy, and will be expected to cut consumption or face more disruptive power cuts in the future.

Given this fact-in-the-making, we need Eskom to immediately establish a “Waste-Line”, where consumers can report conspicuous consumption, abuse or just plain waste of electricity, for example, street lights and other landscape lighting on during the day, office lights blazing at night and over weekends and ALL electronic billboards.

Consumers should be able to use the telephone, fax, e-mail, a Web page or SMS to report these abuses, and Eskom needs to commit to follow up and “throw the switch” on offenders.

In time, perhaps this facility could be combined with similar ones for reporting illegal connections and copper cable theft.

These issues should be dealt with in conjunction with a campaign to cut the power to consumers whose accounts are in arrears.

p.s. Still mourning my fried PC power supply, ADSL modem and a month’s lost productivity as a freelance writer…

p.p.s Please excuse the atrocious puns.

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