Flock Eco and Green Maven: A match made in paradise?

by Maskil on 17 Aug 2008


I’ve been suggesting for a while now that the Green Maven Green Search Engine be integrated into the Flock Browser: Eco-Edition. It just seems totally appropriate that the green browser (Flock Eco) and the green search engine (Green Maven) be integrated (or at least bundled) together in some way. (Perhaps green search portal would be a better description. The actual search engine is built around Google Custom Search.)

I eventually raised the suggestion on the Flock Forum a few days ago, and was gratified to see a response from Joey Shepp (Green Maven Founder and Editor in Chief) saying that “I’m currently in dialog with Flock to create a partnership. We already have a Firefox search plugin, so the technical integration would be really easy.” If you’re in favour of this partnership, please stop by and post a comment in support.

Given that the technical obstacles are insignificant, I imagine the discussions would mainly be around sharing revenue generated through the joint venture.

For those not familiar with either product, the Flock Browser is billed as “The Social Web Browser”. It’s built on top of Mozilla, i.e. the same browser engine as Firefox, and makes it easy to stay on top of your social networking stuff (such as Facebook). You can get an idea of what it integrates with here:

Flock Browser – Supported Services | Flock

The Flock Browser: Eco-Edition (Flock Eco for short) includes all the social stuff, and also adds a Green look and feel or “skin”, as well as green feeds, media and sites (consolidated under “My World”). It also aims to donate 10% of search proceeds to green causes.

Green Maven positions itself as “your gateway to the Green Web”, “designed for Mavens that just can’t get enough of all things Green”.

It includes the Green Search Engine mentioned above, a Green News Reader and the Green Directory (the source for the Green Search Engine). Other tools are in the works, but no details are being made available at present.

As a heavy browser user, I still rely on Firefox and a variety of add-ons and extensions, so I haven’t made Flock Eco my default browser. If you’re a light browser user (e-mail, Facebook, searches for school projects, etc.), there’s no reason why it shouldn’t be your default browser. (You’ll still need to keep Internet Explorer (IE) around on Windows, but my workstation is a whole lot more stable now that I don’t load it each day.)

Here’s the download and other links:

Flock Browser: Eco-Edition | Green Content Delivered Daily

You can download Flock Eco by clicking on the badge above, the one under “My causes” in the sidebar of this blog, or here:

Flock Browser: Eco-Edition | Green Content Delivered Daily | Download

Green Maven – The Green Search Engine

Green Maven – The Green Search Engine – Firefox Search Plugin

Flock Browser – Flock Browser: Eco-Edition and Green Maven | Flock

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