Is Autopinger back in service?

by Maskil on 28 Aug 2008

In a number of posts in April this year, I regretfully speculated that the Autopinger service was being allowed to die a slow, lingering death. According to this announcement on the Official Autopinger Blog, however, “Autopinger is back in service”. The blog post, dated July 27, 2008, reads as follows:

Due to a contract renewal problem, autopinger service was put on hold for more than a week. It’s now been resolved and we’re back in business!
We apologise for the unexpected downtime. Keep pinging guys!

While the site is certainly up, I haven’t attempted to register a blog or send an e-mail message to the administrator again (this is what initially alerted me to a problem). In addition, the forums are still frozen in time (2006/7), so I’m not entirely convinced.

Perhaps the owner or administrator of Autopinger would care to comment?

Hat tip to wwcnet for bringing the change in status to my notice.

As I said in my first post regarding this service:

This is potentially a great service, but very much in need of some TLC from the administrators. I’m sure it would repay a little effort by generating a revenue stream from advertising.

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