international online survey: relationship between state and religion

by Maskil on 19 Aug 2008

According to an item on the website:

The Jerusalem Post Internet Edition – Israel’s most read English web-site and most recognized Israeli media brand around the world – is conducting an international online survey about the relationship between state and religion.

Don’t miss this opportunity to let your voice be heard! Many media outlets and national leaders are interested in your opinion.

The survey on the state-religion relationship will analyse responses to the following questions:

  • Which stream of Judaism should be recognized by the state when performing marriage ceremonies?
  • Should the state recognize civil marriage?
  • Which stream of Judaism should be recognized by the state when performing conversions to Judaism?
  • Should ultra-Orthodox yeshiva students be exempted from service in the IDF?
  • Is the Law of Return discriminatory?
  • Should state and religion be separated in Israel?

A valid e-mail address must be provided in order to participate. This is presumably in order to prevent ballot stuffing.

Anyone interested in correcting the skewed relationship between religion and state in Israel is encouraged to make their views known by taking part in this survey.

This is a rare opportunity for those who hold a pluralistic view of Judaism, and who question the role of Orthodoxy and ultra-Orthodoxy within Israel’s “religious-bureaucratic complex” to make their views known. Perhaps some of those politicians and other public figures who have an almost Pavlovian urge to genuflect and kiss the ring of anyone wearing basic black may even sit up and take notice!

Certainly anyone who is a member of (or identifies with) the ABO (Anything But Orthodox) streams of Judaism (Conservative, Reconstructionist, Reform, etc.) should respond appropriately.

Hat tip to Joel Katz at the indispensable Religion and State in Israel blog for this one.

You can complete the survey here.

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