Nature in confusion: Local global warming anecdotes

by Maskil on 21 Aug 2008

Just a couple of little anecdotes that I think demonstrate Nature’s confusion at the inexorable progress of climate change. They’re not proof of anything by any means, and a couple of decades ago I would have considered them just mildly amusing.

Bear in mind that it’s still almost two weeks to the official start of spring (1 September) in South Africa:

Item. My daughter’s silkworms have just started hatching, but as yet there are no edible leaves on the Mulberry tree in our garden. After some frantic asking around, her mother finally managed to locate some.

Item. Her dwarf hamsters have just had their first batch of babies (we’re not sure whether it was one litter or two; there are two females). Her mother and her were told to expect the first litter only in the September/October timeframe.

Item. Some of the trees in our garden are still in the process of losing their leaves, while others are already sprouting new leaves. One specimen – an indigenous tree we planted just a season or two back – lost its leaves and began to produce new leaves within just weeks.

I’m no biologist. I’m not even particularly observant when it comes to nature. Global warming just seems to have become a whole lot more personal.

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