Our tax money hard at work…

by Maskil on 14 Aug 2008

An e-mail sent to the MEC, Department of Community Safety, Gauteng Provincial Government earlier today.

Our tax money hard at work…

At about 11H 25 this morning (8 January 2008), a vehicle with Gauteng Provincial Government decals on the doors overtook me. So what’s so unusual about this, you might ask?

Here’s what:

I was in the left-hand lane of the R55, travelling south through Kyalami.

The driver overtook me on the left, at an intersection, violating the emergency lane, a left-turn only lane and a painted island. All this in order to avoid waiting for cars to pull off from a traffic light that had just turned green. The driver then proceeded to drive far in excess of the speed limit, which is 80km/h on this stretch.

Unless this is the image you would like drivers of official GPG vehicles to convey to the public, I would strongly suggest that you take stern disciplinary steps against this driver.

The vehicle registration number was VTR 028 GP, and the vehicle was a white Citi Golf.

I won’t be holding my breath waiting for either a response or action to be taken against the driver!

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