Why I’m not on JBlogSphere [.] com: Does this explain it?

by Maskil on 11 Aug 2008

In a post late last year, I speculated as to the reason why I couldn’t get my Israel advocacy blog Altneuland onto the JBlogSphere [.] com Jewish blog aggregator. At the time, I assumed it was either a technical issue, or that the site was no longer being maintained.

It appears there may be a simpler explanation. I accidentally clicked through to the site the other day, and I see that the following banner is now displayed on the home page:

Welcome to JBlogSphere [.] com – aggregating Frum Jewish Blogs online.

The site description now reads as follows:

JBlogSphere [.] com – Jewish, frum and religious blogs in the jblogosphere

So, I guess that explains it. Altneuland was not considered “frum” enough. Cafe Birkenreis would presumably be considered even less so!

I guess I must be doing something right.

At the time, I had this apparently naïve belief that in order to be added to these J-Blogosphere aggregators and directories, I simply needed to ask. As with so many other things in the Jewish world these days, however, it seems that your “yichus” must first be vetted. I guess I must have been really desperate for inbound links…

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