New JTA site planned for Rosh Hashanah: Hold that thought

by Maskil on 1 Sep 2008

In a post last week, I commented on what a frustrating experience leaving a comment on the JTA website had become. (The JTA (or Jewish Telegraphic Agency) positions itself as “The Global News Service of the Jewish People”, a claim I don’t take exception to.)

Judging by the response (online, and particularly offline), the post seems to have touched a nerve with J-Bloggers and other “serial commenters” on the Judeosphere.

It appears there is light at the end of the tunnel, however, at least according to the response posted by Daniel Sieradski, the Director of Digital Media at the JTA:

We’ve been having ongoing trouble with our current website — particularly with the comments — and I do apologize for the inconvenience it has caused you and other readers. (As you’ve noted, the problem does not exist on our blogs, which are using a different content management system all together.) You’ll be pleased to know that we’ll be launching a brand new site around Rosh Hashanah at which time the issue with our comments feature will be entirely resolved.

Again, sorry for the inconvenience.

Thanks to Daniel for taking the trouble to stop by, and for providing this update on behalf of the JTA. I look forward to seeing the new JTA site in the Rosh Hashanah timeframe.

Judging by the feedback to the original post, there will be many other readers and J-Bloggers who will also welcome the change!

And if you do have the overwhelming urge to write on the JTA’s wall in the meantime, the Flock browser appears to give the best results. If you do decide to install Flock, please choose the Eco-Edition!

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