Solar geysers become mainstream in SA?

by Maskil on 3 Sep 2008

The Sandton Chronicle a few weeks ago carried an advertisement for Ferreiras Building & Hardware which featured a Solar Geyser Pack (in 150 and 200 litre configurations). Ferreiras supplies to both the building and related trades and the end-user (handyman).

What’s the significance of this? Well, to me it means that this solar water heating technology has now entered the mainstream.

How so? Until now, if you decided to invest in this technology, you would have found a specialized firm (perhaps in the Yellow Pages), maybe got a couple of competitive quotes. Eventually your chosen supplier’s own installation team would have installed the unit for you.

What’s changed is that a solar geyser can now be purchased pretty much “off the shelf” by the building contractor or the homeowner, and installed (presumably) by any competent plumber or even the homeowner himself.

In South Africa, when something enters the vigorous DIY (do it yourself) market, it has pretty much arrived. It is mainstream, a commodity, taken for granted.

Let’s hope that’s what’s happened in the case of solar water heating.

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