TelkomInternet DSL TopUp inaccessible

by Maskil on 4 Sep 2008

I am currently on the “TelkomInternet AllAccess 2 GB” package. This should entitle me to the following:

Unlimited analogue and 64K ISDN access with a 2 GB blended shaped ADSL, WiMAX and satellite allowance

Being a TelkomInternet subscriber also entitles me to the following. (Apart from inertia, by the way, this is pretty much the only reason that I keep TelkomInternet on as my ISP.)

As a TelkomInternet subscriber you still have access to our unique collective threshold management services. This will allow you access until such time that this service reaches the aggregated threshold on the total service.

Should you elect to ignore this reminder your service will be subject to restrictions and you will only have access to the TelkomInternet website, e-mail and the four major banking sites.

The last paragraph is the critical one. Without unrestricted access to the TelkomInternet website, one cannot access the “TelkomInternet DSL TopUp”. This facility is explained as follows:

Gone are the days that you had to purchase another username to continue surfing the Internet when you have reached your cap. With TelkomInternet DSL TopUp you can now purchase additional bandwidth (gigs) on your existing TelkomInternet AllAccess username.

TopUp is simple and easy with a MasterCard or Visa credit card. This TopUp facility will allow you to TopUp your account with Shaped Blended or Unshaped Blended depending on your current product.

In a nutshell, once I’ve exceeded both my own 2 GB threshold, and my share of the TelkomInternet collective threshold, I need to purchase a TelkomInternet DSL TopUp, using the always accessible TelkomInternet website.

On Thursday, 28 August 2008, I had presumably exceeded both thresholds, and was unable to continue working.

Contrary to these explanations, however (and contrary to my previous experience), I was unable to access the TelkomInternet website. This in turn meant that I couldn’t get to the TelkomInternet DSL TopUp Portal in order to purchase additional capacity!

I was eventually only able to get back online by accessing the Internet through my Mobile in order to top up.

I found this quite strange, not to mention unacceptable. In the past I’ve always been able to access the TelkomInternet site, even once I’ve exceeded the various thresholds.

The problem has been reported to Telkom Internet Technical Support, who responded that I should “Please reset your router, so you can pick up a new IP address”. As expected, they haven’t even bothered to respond to my follow-up comments!

Bottom line is, what’s the point of even having a top up facility if you cannot access it when it’s needed?

I’ve posted the incident on the customer service website, but I see that Telkom is no longer a “company who responds”. Not that their response were ever worth much anyway…

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