Does Documents To Go support Palm Portable Keyboard Shortcuts?

by Maskil on 2 Oct 2008

I’ve been trying to get my Palm Tungsten E jacked up for note taking and data capture when I’m away from my desktop, and don’t want to take a full-sized laptop along. What I’ve found, however, is that the bundled DataViz Word To Go doesn’t seem to support all the usual Palm Portable Keyboard Shortcuts for cursor movement, etc.

I’ve logged a new message thread on the Palm Community Help Forums, but no response so far. If anyone out there knows of a solution (or an alternative application), I’d be grateful to hear about it. Here’s the text of my message:

Documents To Go support for Palm Portable Keyboard Shortcuts
I’m using a Palm Tungsten E along with a Palm Wireless Keyboard (IR). When using an application such as Memos, all the usual Palm Portable Keyboard Shortcuts (cursor movement, etc.) are supported.
When using DataViz Word To Go (Ver. 6.008 (761)), however, none of the usual keyboard shortcuts will function, making document editing (especially corrections and revisions) a total nightmare.
Has anyone else encountered this issue and, if so, how do I resolve it?
Windows XP Pro/SP3 on the desktop.
Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.
(Palm Wireless Keyboard SKU P10946U)

As usual, one has to first register for the forums before posting, which was in itself a nightmare. See below for details:

Problems with registration on Community Help Forums
The password requirements for registration are rather Byzantine, and it took me several tries before I could come up with a password that your software deemed acceptable
How about publishing your password rules upfront, instead of only as an error message?
Password Help
Your password must be 6 or more characters, contain at least one lowercase character, one uppercase character, one digit, and no repeated sequence of characters of any length. Your password can’t be a subset of your login name.
Although I’m certain I didn’t break any of these rules, I kept getting the following error message:
Password: must not contain a repeated sequence of 3 or more characters.
The passwords I attempted did no such thing. I was only able to register after several tries by making my password 6 instead of 8 characters!
The most frustrating thing, however, is that each time the registration process is unhappy with some aspect of your input, it unchecks all the checked options and resets all drop-down menu choices to the defaults!
This is just plain bad manners!
Please could we have a more user-friendly registration process?

The question I’ve asked several times before is, when you register with a vendor’s website, why don’t they automatically create a forum logon for you? I realise that we’re usually dealing with two separate applications, but that shouldn’t be the user’s problem; it should be completely transparent to him or her.

By the way, I was staggered to find that DataViz (who should actually be providing the support on this issue) don’t even have a way for me to log a call such as this (at least not without forking over some cash). My only support avenue there is to search their knowledgebase!

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