Whinge of the day: Rivonia Village

by Maskil on 1 Oct 2008

I just posted this comment on the Rivonia Village shopping centre’s website.  I’m not actually expecting a response, but one never knows…

I just wanted to let you know that the pricing of your parking really sucks!

Even in this time and place, many shopping centres will at least allow you an hour’s free parking. Not Rivonia Village, however. There, you are given all of 30 minutes free parking, thereafter R3 for up to an hour.

On the 20th of September, I dashed into Woolworths to pick up a gift for a birthday party. Because of their industrial relations problems, it took me a half-hour to get out of the shop. I could see I wasn’t going to make it and didn’t have any change on me, so I was forced to draw cash from the FNB ATM (I bank with Standard), something I usually avoid. The lowest denomination note in the machine was R50, so I then had to present the R50 note to the parking machine, and get R47 in clunky change. With clutching the various items, I dropped the bulky handful of change in the car and wasted more time scrabbling around to find it.

Oh well, thanks anyway. I guess I needed a reminder about why I don’t shop here anymore!

In principle, I have a problem with the idea of having to pay in order to park my car so that I can spend money with the shopping centre’s tenants, but I do prefer a system along these lines to the irritating, informal “car guard” system many centres have.

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