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by Maskil on 2 Dec 2008

Regular readers of this and my other blogs (see below) will have noticed that posting has been somewhat infrequent and irregular of late. As we have now started a process of selling, buying and moving home, this erratic publishing schedule is likely to continue into early 2009.

I plan to post the occasional entry whenever possible, and I will still be micro-blogging daily on Twitter (see below) until we’ve settled into our new Nachtasyl.

Our intended move will be to the Johannesburg suburb (“urban village”) of Norwood, and we hope it will be the last for a considerable time! So why the move? I was hoping you’d ask:

  • Since leaving the embrace of the corporate world some 18 months ago, I’ve been wanting to live mortgage-free. The move will help facilitate that.
  • Our new home will have a much smaller ecological footprint (smaller stand size; less garden and no swimming pool, ponds, etc.).
  • Less maintenance and lower monthly household overheads (municipal property rates and services, etc.).
  • More suitable to transform into an eco-house or green building without major expenditure.
  • More urban, less suburban.
  • More resources are now within walking distance. I hope to leave the car in the garage most days.
  • Easier access to Jewish community resources (but see below).
  • A proper home office environment to work from. (I’m using what should be the dining room, which is open to both the kitchen and living room. Not ideal.)
  • Just a better place to ride out the global economic crisis (although we haven’t yet seen the full impact here).
  • All in all, a more suitable dwelling for a former corporate IT person, now aspiring/struggling blogger/freelance writer. (Google the term “mid-life crisis”.)

There are some disadvantages. While our new location is more central, we will be further from my family and further from my daughter’s preparatory (primary) school. We’ve starting researching a suitable alternative, but the options are limited, as the school needs to offer Hebrew and Jewish studies. It’s also further from my shul for the last three years, although closer to my pre-Bar Mitzvah shul.

2009 will also see the following changes in focus with regard to my output:

  • A single blog (details TBA) rather than trying to spread my efforts over multiple blogs (as well as commenting, social bookmarking, etc.)
  • Less emphasis on blogging, with far more emphasis on paid articles for online and offline publications.
  • More work on fleshing out various book outlines (and ideas for outlines) into fully-fledged books or e-books.

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