Maskil’s digital stream

by Maskil on 14 Jan 2009

I’ve just finished setting up a “digital stream” for all of my content or digital assets out there on the Net. It sweeps everything I publish under the “keyboard name” Maskil, i.e. professional or public rather than private stuff. For now, you can find Maskil’s digital stream here:

maskil’s digital stream

Once I’ve finished migrating the domain back to Go Daddy (from, I’ll set it up to use the custom domain name

I’ve started off by using the Tumblr tumblelog as the platform for this digital stream. Just two things I’m not happy with at the moment:

  • Tumblr doesn’t allow me to include the full text of the entries on the tumblelog; only URL, title, and the first few lines of text. I would have preferred full text.
  • Tumblr didn’t allow me to “take on” or import all entries on the relevant feeds; only new entries going forward and those not more than two days old. Also not what I wanted.

If anyone knows of a platform or service I can use for the stream that doesn’t have these restrictions, I’d appreciate hearing about it.

Although I’ve set up combined feeds of all my content using Pipes , I found it simpler to just use my Google Reader feeds as input for the stream. If anyone is interested, below are the links to the consolidated feeds on both Pipes and Google Reader:

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