Plaxo eCards scraps its unique selling point

by Maskil on 30 Jan 2009

In a review of Plaxo eCards during 2008, I commended the fact that – as far as I was aware – they were the only ones to deliver the complete e-card to the recipient’s Inbox. This instead of requiring you to click on a suspicious link and be sent off to an unknown destination to view the e-card, meanwhile ignoring the frantic warnings from your anti-phishing software. At the time I said:

What I particularly like about Plaxo eCards is that the complete eCard is delivered to the recipient’s Inbox within the body of an e-mail message, with an optional copy to you. No link to a dodgy flashing, blinking, pop-up infested site requiring an unintuitive sign-on, and no concerns about whether your adware and spyware protection are up to date.

I guess I spoke too soon. I sent out belated birthday greetings to my brother in law last week (after Plaxo failed to send the usual e-mail birthday reminder), only to find that they have now done away with this unique selling point (USP). They have instead joined the swollen ranks of all the other “free” e-card sites, whose feeble “me too” offerings sink without a trace into a million spam filters out there.

Well done guys. I hope someone got a promotion for this. Oh well, at least I didn’t sign up for Plaxo Premium eCards again.

Someecards, anyone?


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