Protesting the war in Gaza

by Maskil on 13 Jan 2009

The news networks are bloated with images of the worldwide protests against Israel’s operation in Gaza.

While my response is obviously partisan, it really doesn’t take much intellectual effort to get closer to the truth about why Israel is in Gaza (in fact, why it should have taken action a lot sooner). I therefore see this “stop the nasty war and those brutish Israelis” reaction as a combination of the following:

  • Ignorance, wilful or otherwise
  • Misinformed and/or misguided
  • Possibly just plain stupid
  • Malicious, with a great deal of overlap with good ol’ fashioned anti-Semitism

While I dislike dragging the Holocaust into every discussion about Israel or Jewish affairs in general, it’s difficult not to (rhetorically) ask the question of these protestors: “Where were you during the Holocaust?” (The real Holocaust, not the Pallywood collateral damage one.)

Perhaps it’s an unfair question; I’m sure the well-intentioned among them would have participated in the WW2 equivalent of taking to the streets. It just seems, though, that having failed to prevent that genocide, these people are determined to besmirch the victims and survivors with the accusation of trying to inflict it on another people.

These observations could apply equally to the UN’s secretary general, the media, and many NGOs and “humanitarian organisations” such as the ICRC, with their ceaseless one-sided condemnations, the endless video loop of Gazan civilian casualties and repetitive accusations about the (self-inflicted) humanitarian crisis and Israel’s weapons and tactics.

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