Judaising your Desktop (6): KKL-JNF Calendar for 5769 (2008-2009)

by Maskil on 15 Feb 2009

In a post back in March 2008, I covered the introduction of the innovative Yoma – KKL-JNF Calendar of Concepts and Events, a really nice way to spice up and “Judaise” your Microsoft Outlook or compatible calendar.

The calendar was introduced in September 2006, for the year 5767 (2006-2007), and was available in Hebrew and English.

Nothing similar was produced for 5768 (2007/8), and its absence was sorely missed, at least by this writer.

I’m therefore very pleased to note that the Yoma – KKL-JNF Calendar of Concepts and Events has been made available for 5769 (2008-2009). I would like to think this is at least partly due to the pressure that I and my readers put on Ahuva Bar-Lev at the KKL-JNF Liaison, Information and Publications Department in Jerusalem. (In fact, it’s not too early to drop Ahuva a note at AhuvaB@kkl.org.il and politely request that publication of the calendar be made an annual occurrence. Please mention the Altneuland blog.)

The Calendar of Concepts and Events in the Jewish Holidays, Zionism, Israel and the Environment 5769 (2008-2009) was funded by the KKL-JNF Youth and Education Division. The 5769 version has actually gone one better than the original 5767 calendar, in that it’s now available in English, French, Hebrew and Spanish.

To repeat what I said in my previous post:

For those of us who spend much of their working day interacting with Outlook, this is a great way of adding a little “Ivritkeit” to your desktop. It should work with any version of Microsoft Outlook, as well as other e-mail/calendar/PIM applications able to handle the iCalendar format.

The whole download and install procedure has now been further automated, and step by step instructions are provided during the process (I wasn’t able to reproduce the instructions here, as they’re part of a Flash animation). I did encounter a problem and wasn’t able to complete the install when using Firefox 3.x. It did work without a hitch when using Internet Explorer (IE) 7.x. The install uses JavaScript, so perhaps there’s a JavaScript add-on or setting that wasn’t present in my browser. I have reported the issue to KKL-JNF.

You can download the KKL-JNF Calendar from this location:

Yoma – KKL-JNF Calendar of Concepts and Events

Alternatively, you can bypass the introduction and go direct to the download here:


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