(Not) The Israeli Elections

by Maskil on 10 Feb 2009

This blogger hopes that Israel will end up with a broad-based coalition that excludes only the detestable ultra-Orthodox parties.

Such a coalition might enable Israel to address her own regional problems – she has the means to do so – before well- (or ill-) intentioned outside interference causes even more damage.

Israel’s problems (or rather, her inability to address those problems) are not external. Contrary to all appearances, they are internal. Once those internal choices have been made (e.g. what DO we want to do with Judea and Samaria?), the external problems will be much less intractable. Because of Israel’s political or electoral system, however, whatever consensus exists cannot be translated into government policy (or is undermined by coalition deals and compromises).

Lastly, a hope that inspiring (or at least competent) leadership will emerge from the process.

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