Dead Sea, 7 Wonders of Nature and Settlements

by Maskil on 1 Jul 2009

In May 2008, I posted an item regarding the Holy Land sites (Israel and surrounding areas) that had been nominated for inclusion in the New 7 Wonders of Nature list.  I was therefore appalled to read in Haaretz that the Palestinian Authority (PA) has decided to boycott efforts to have the Dead Sea included in the list, due to the participation of the Megilot Dead Sea Regional Council.

I responded with the following comment on the article.

Dead Sea or Settlements?

As usual, the “Palestinians” are cutting off their noses to spite their faces, by not being able to separate out the issue of recognising (and perhaps even saving) the Dead Sea from the issue of settlements in the “West Bank” (the widest river bank in the world).

I believe that the Jewish people has a better claim to Judea and Samaria than any other people on the planet (apart from the people now living there).  Despite that, however, I do have a problem with the manner in which the settlement enterprise operates, and the way it has hijacked and damaged Israel’s defence, domestic and foreign policies and generally hurt Israel’s image and support for her.

I would not, however, want the Dead Sea to “suffer” because of principled objections to the way in which settlement in Judea and Samaria has been carried out, and the way in which it has diverted attention from settling Israel inside the Green Line.

Surely this initiative should be considered above politics?  Even if a true natural wonder such as this was entirely outside of Israel, I would still support efforts to save or rehabilitate it.

To my mind, this demonstrates once again that the PA – far from being a “state in the making” is simply another failed state in the making.

One would also think that – in terms of international law – the PA should not even be considered a country for purposes of this exercise;  certainly it is not YET a country.  While we have to bear some of blame for that particular situation, I guess the special status accorded to things “Palestinian” goes back to chairman of the PLO being allowed to address the UN GA with a holster on his belt (long before the PA came into existence).  If I was a conspiracy theorist I would see a trend developing here!


The Haaretz article is here, with my comment as #43. Dead Sea or Settlements?

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