Oppose Farouk Hosni as UNESCO’s Director-General

by Maskil on 27 Aug 2009

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In a sane world, we would not have to oppose the appointment of a self-avowed book-burner as Director-General of The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (lest we forget what the acronym UNESCO stands for).

We live in an age of inverted values, however, and at times we need good people everywhere to take a stand against something bad. In this case, something that could do immeasurable harm to one of the organisations that actually brings credit to the UN: UNESCO. I’m referring to Farouk Hosni having put himself forward as a candidate for appointment as Director-General of UNESCO. And in this case, “taking a stand” shouldn’t involve much more than joining a Facebook group or signing an online petition.

Who is Farouk Hosni, and why should we oppose his appointment as UNESCO DG? You can read all about his spotty record in the resources below. His threat to burn Israeli books – a statement that he only attempted to retract when it became a campaign issue – immediately disqualifies him from heading up an organisation founded to protect the world’s cultural treasures.

Here’s how the ADL puts it:

Who could imagine that someone who advocates burning books might lead the international organization that protects the heritage of global civilization? Yet that’s what could happen if Farouk Hosni, the man Egypt wants selected to head UNESCO, is chosen.

His outrageous statement, “I’d burn Israeli books myself if I found any in libraries in Egypt,” is one of many similar comments he has made over the years. UNESCO was created to uplift, ennoble and unite mankind. Clearly, a man who calls for one of the most shocking crimes against culture and civilization should never be its leader.

Does the world really need an avowed book-burner (and anti-Semite to boot) to fill a key role for which far better qualified candidates exist?

Have a look at the material referenced below, and add your voice to those opposing his candidacy via Facebook, Twitter or the ADL e-petition.

NB – This campaign is time sensitive, as the election will take place in Paris from Sept. 3rd to Sept. 22nd 2009.

Please let me know of other resources by means of comments below.

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