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by Maskil on 1 Sep 2009

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While I’m very happy with my decision to (finally) migrate from Blogger/Blogspot to self-hosted WordPress (apart from losing two years worth of “Google Juice”), looking at Iain Dale’s Diary on Blogspot reminded me that it is OK (under certain circumstances) to blog seriously and/or professionally on Blogger.

To my mind, those circumstances include:

  • Where you have created a niche for your blog, and are not reliant on Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and related techniques to drive traffic to the blog. Religion and State in Israel is probably an example of this category.
  • Similarly, where you have an established brand, either on or offline. and GO2WEB20 Blog were two good examples of this that sprang to mind. I’m sure there are many others.
  • If you can afford to have a smart looking custom theme designed for your blog. Iain Dale’s Diary probably falls into this category
  • If you have the necessary skills (or have access to them, preferably in-house) to create or customise a Blogger template that doesn’t look like all the rest. The official Google blogs are good examples of this, e.g. the Official Google Webmaster Central Blog (although they are no doubt compelled to eat the corporate dogfood, i.e. Blogger).

In my case, it became increasingly apparent that I needed a lot of help in the SEO space, as well as a facelift for my blogs (for which I had neither the budget nor the technical or design skills). Hence, my new home here in the WordPress space.

For its part, Blogger (with or without the Blogspot hosting and domain name) is still free, reliable, supported by Google and continues to add new features (albeit far more slowly than many of us would have liked). It remains a blogging platform to be reckoned with, provided you’re not bumping your head on the limitations I’ve mentioned.

p.s. Happy 10th birthday, Blogger.

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