SEO Page

This page is simply to document very briefly the steps I take with regard to SEO for this blog. I’m using the term SEO in a very generic sense, i.e. anything to do with trying to improve traffic to my site.

20 Aug. 09

Implemented the following tips from the ProBlogger site. Very simple, no guarantees, but some anecdotal evidence that adding your blog/feed to your own personalised home page for the relevant search engine outfit may lead to some additional traffic.

It kind of makes sense that if there’s a perceived demand for the blog/feed as a source, that it might be ranked higher/indexed deeper.

Although it’s not documented here, I also did the same for the MSN/Bing combo.

Getting Yahoo Traffic for your Blog

Google introduces RSS to Personalized Pages – An Opportunity for Bloggers?

For now, I’ve just added Maskil (, but if I see any improvement in search engine traffic, I will rinse and repeat for my other feeds.

21 Aug. 09

Installed the SEO Slugs WordPress Plugin in terms of the advice given in WordPress SEO – Search Engine Optimization for your Blog. SEO Slugs removes common words like ‘a’, ‘the’, ‘in’ from post slugs to improve SEO.

WordPress SEO Slugs WordPress Plugins

SEO Slugs WordPress Plugin VRE Toolbar Niche Marketing News

02 Sep. 09

Just catching up on the paperwork relating to changes over the last week or so…

SEO Slugs WordPress Plugin

I installed and then (a few days later) deactivated the SEO Slugs plugin.  It works as advertised, but I would prefer a more conservative approach to stripping out common words.  I’ll rather edit the slugs manually so that they still “scan”.  Or maybe I’m just not getting this whole SEO thing…

Zemanta WordPress Plugin

As for the Zemanta WordPress Plugin I referred to above, it’s absolutely awesome!  Helps spice up posts with images, references, related posts and tags, but only makes suggestions.  You still have control.

IntenseDebate or JS-Kit?

I’ve been using IntenseDebate for blog comments almost from day 1.  I’ve been noticing a lot of anomalies, however, such as having to approve comments multiple times before they “take”.  I’ve therefore deactivated IntenseDebate and replaced it with JS-Kit, which is what I was using (successfully) on my legacy Blogger blogs.  This is the new “Echo” iteration of JS-Kit Comments, which undertakes to pull in the discussion around your post from all over the Net.

Dagon Design Sitemap Generator

Finally, I’ve installed the Dagon Design Sitemap Generator WordPress Plugin.  This is to create a “human readable” sitemap, rather then the XML sitemap we usually generate for search engines.

You can see the Sitemap for Maskil here:

03 Sep. 09

RSS Footer

This is not really an SEO-related change, but it does impact on traffic, so I’ve included it here.

I’ve implemented the RSS Footer plugin.  This allows me to include links back to the post page and my home page in the Atom/RSS Feed.  I’ve included it in my portfolio because some of my friends out there on the Net scrape my feed and republish my posts on their blogs.  I don’t have a major problem with this, but at least now I’ll get a link back to my site!  (I’ve even seen Google search results where the CC was ranked higher than my page, or my page didn’t even appear in the results!)


The next item is also not strictly SEO, except in the very broadest sense.  I was using AddThis for my bookmarking, sharing and social networking gadget.  When I tested the e-mail functionality, it just didn’t work.  I simply never received any of my test e-mails!  I’ve also tried ShareThis (I’ve used both on Blogger), but it insists on putting the icon on my home page teasers.

After wasting most of the afternoon reading reviews and downloading, uploading, extracting, activating and customising various services, I’ve finally gone with AddToAny.  It looks slightly retro (hint!), but everything I tried works properly, the target service opens in a new window and it passes details like the post name/URL to the selected service.  It also saved me from having to anticipate what services my readers might use.  Good job AddToAny; 5 Stars!

08 Sep. 09

As mentioned in the Change Log of even date, I’ve implemented the SEO Title Tag WordPress Plugin.  The idea is to go back and craft manual Title Tags for all my legacy Blogger posts, in an effort to boost their SEO credentials.

15 Sep. 09

Spent a couple of hours implementing most of the suggestions contained here:

The Ultimate Guide to Thesis SEO – Remarkablogger

I think I’ve mentioned elsewhere that I was forced to uninstall SEO Title Tag, due to apparent conflicts with my (Thesis) Custom Title Tags.

I’ve been doing a lot of work entering Custom Title Tag and Excerpt on my legacy (Blogger) posts.  Still need to enter Meta Description and Meta Keywords, as well as fixing up Categories, Post Tags and internal links.  Phew!

01 Oct. 09

Thesis SEO Artefacts

I’ve been doing some reading about Thesis and SEO and I now need to put together an action plan to update the Thesis SEO artefacts on all the posts that were migrated across from my legacy Blogger blogs.  There are still a few gray areas for me, e.g. for a particular post:

  • Should the Title/Heading and Custom Title Tag be unique or identical?
  • Should the Meta Description and Excerpt (“optional hand-crafted summaries of your content”) be unique or identical?
  • Should the Meta Keywords and Post Tags be unique or identical?

I’m not seeing any definitive answers out there (this SEO stuff is more art than science), so I’m working on the assumption that they should not be completely identical.  I’ll elaborate in my working guidelines.

Here’s another Thesis/SEO article I found very insightful:

Thesis – SEO for Everyone | WordPress SEO Tutorial